Spiderhead, Spiderhead, does whatever a Spiderhead does. On a hot streak from the kind of success that most people in the ‘biz can only dream of with Top Gun: Maverick, director Joseph Kosinski delves back into the realm of sci-fi with his latest film, Spiderhead. Although being stuck on a mysterious island pumped full of free drugs personally administered by Chris Hemsworth may seem like a fantasy vacation for men and women alike, somehow Spiderhead manages the unthinkable and turns this dream scenario into a nightmare. Yet another in a long line of attempts by Netflix to strike gold and reclaim their declining market share, Spiderhead has the skills leaving only the age-old question of whether said skills are sufficient to pay the bills. Join your intrepid hosts as they explore Spiderhead and discover whether it’s worth the price of admission or worse than a double dose of Darkenfloxx.

directed by Joseph Kosinski
starring: Miles Teller – Chris Hemsworth – Jurnee Smollett – Mark Paguio
science-fiction – thriller
106 min

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