The Muppet Christmas Carol

There’s magic in the air. That’s right, it’s The Reel Film Chronicles’ first Christmas-themed episode. And since it tis the season to be jolly and joyous, we thought we’d spread that Christmas cheer by taking a look at a beloved holiday classic: The Muppet Christmas Carol. Though there’s nothing in nature that freezes your heart like years of being alone, even old Ebenezer Scrooge himself is hard-pressed to maintain his miserly and cynical ways in the face of such pure and earnest joy. A decidedly modern take on Charles Dickens’ classic novel, The Muppet Christmas Carol has achieved a timelessness of its own, perhaps most prophetically captured in the lyric of one of its prolific musical numbers: A part of childhood we’ll always remember. In addition to first class musical numbers, the movie also boasts one of the all time great performances of Sir Michael Caine as well as Kermit the Frog and a host of familiar faces (well, familiar if you were born in the ’80s) that will make you wonder how puppets in a movie from the ’90s can act circles around a great many human actors working today. Though we can’t compete with the singing of a street corner choir, we invite you to revisit (or discover) this Christmas favourite the whole family can enjoy. Expect the next episode when the bell tolls one!

directed by Brian Henson
starring: Michael Caine – Kermit the Frog – The Great Gonzo – Miss Piggy
holiday – music – family – fantasy – comedy
89 min

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