Black Widow & The Tomorrow War

Let’s get ready to podcast! In the red corner, weighing in at two hours and fourteen minutes, with a current IMDB average rating of six point seven stars, we have the latest contender from the Marvel school of blockbusters, the Phase Four Fury, the Franchise Surprise, the master assassin with a ledger dripping in red, BLACK WIDOW! And in the blue corner, weighing in at two hours and eighteen minutes, with a current IMDB average rating of six point six stars, it’s the pride of Amazon Prime, the envy of streaming services the world over, the Temporal Confusion, the Alien Attacker, it’s THE TOMORROW WAR! Tune in with Brian and Nathan for this week’s harrowing adventure as they pit these two blockbuster titans against each other in the cinematic showdown of the century. Marvel at the blow-by-blow breakdown of two 2021’s biggest releases. In this no-holds-barred episode, our dynamic duo wrestle with the possibilities and limits of big budget filmmaking. Oh the humanity!


Journey along with Brian and Nathan as they explore the darkest depths of the human mind, test the very limits of human decency, and put their sanity – and indeed their very souls – in peril in an odyssey that must be heard to be believed. In this episode, the dynamic duo share their incredibly insightful insights on CENSOR, the feature-length debut from director Prano Bailey-Bond. The movie takes viewers back in time to the 1980s England which was in danger of being submerged under a wave of moral panic in regards to those particularly scandalous horror and exploitation films known not-so-affectionately as the “video nasties.” Against this backdrop, CENSOR depicts one woman’s descent into madness as she tries to unravel the mystery of her sister who went missing and in the process and somehow finds herself cast in a low-budget horror film alongside the Beastman himself. Marvel as Brian and Nathan try desperately to maintain any modicum of suspense through the end of the episode as they gush about how much they love this film that exemplifies the genre of psychological horror…

Wrath of Man

Picture this: You’re alone on a tropical island, basking in the tangerine glow of the setting sun, reveling in nature’s majesty. Then, out of nowhere, out jumps Jason Statham and twelve, burly men brandishing various weapons and implements of death, destruction, and torture. You whisper a silent prayer of thanks to Guy Ritchie who is hiding in a nearby bush with a movie camera, and lean forward to get a better view of the carnage to come because Statham has just saved you from another boring evening staring at the sun set while trying in vain not to end up with pants full of sand. Such is the power of Jason Statham to shatter the sense of boredom and malaise we’ve been conditioned to think of as tranquility. Wrath of Man is the latest of Guy Ritchie’s foray into the gangster underworld, teaming up for the fourth time with Jason Statham, arguably his greatest on-screen muse. So get ready to get wrathful with Nathan and Brian as they explore this perfect antidote to a lazy Sunday afternoon, and marvel as…


You may not know it, but they’re always there. Lurking in the shadows. Lying in wait in otherwise abandoned subway tunnels. Standing by themselves in the corner at parties. Ghoulish freaks clinging to the tattered edges of civilization. Until you dare enter their dark domain, and they ask you the question you’ve feared your entire life, that query that fills your heart with an existential dread: Have you seen SPECIES? Episode 11 of the Reel Film Chronicles sees your intrepid hosts tackle this staple of ‘90s cult cinema and its host of sequels, which embody the very essence of the phrase “diminishing returns.” Join Nathan and Brian as they explore a personal favourite and do their best to spread the SPECIES love. So settle in and prepare to join the elite ranks of SPECIES fans. There are literally dozens of us!

Jungle Cruise

Did we do a bonus episode? You betcha! With a backlog of episodes to edit, we felt it pertinent to give you a taste of a more “casual” (and I use this term lightly) episode that falls outside our usual routine. We’re here to talk about the 2021 film, JUNGLE CRUISE, starring none other than Dwayne Johnson, Emily Blunt, Jack Whitehall, Paul Giamatti and Jesse Plemons in another entry in Disney’s theme-park ride adaptations. This film falls suspiciously in line with PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, but is so much worse. 

In the Earth

We cut right to the chase for IN THE EARTH, a movie shot during the pandemic about a very topical – yet vague – virus that has ravaged the world. Directed by Ben Wheatley, starring Joel Fry and Ellora Torchia (among others, of course), IN THE EARTH follows Martin and Alma as they head into a dangerous forest to find a research site. There’s a bit of intrigue, mystery and some quite horrific, gory special effects that finishes off in a pretty surreal climax.  Nathan and Brian begin the show by giving their initial, spoiler-free impressions and recommendation on the film, then head into full spoiler territory to discuss the movie in depth.


Eight episodes in and I don’t think we mentioned David Fincher yet, so we’re going all in for our talk about MANK on episode nine! Nathan and Brian start the show by ranking all of Fincher’s feature-length films, which is no easy feat. In addition to our standard spoiler warning, this episode carries another warning: we might in fact be “Fincher Fanboys”, as we struggle to find anything negative to say about the director’s filmography. It’s all in good fun though, as we don’t take things too seriously and head into a discussion on the 2020 film MANK, released on Netflix and nominated for 10 Academy Awards, including best picture. 

Mortal Kombat (2021)

The duo jump head first into the MORTAL KOMBAT reboot! Opinions are mixed but we find plenty to talk about for this 2021 fantasy action film. We get the discussion started with a bit of context as we both describe our experience with the video games, and finish off the episode with our ranking of the three Mortal Kombat films.

Willy’s Wonderland

We discuss Nicolas Cage’s latest eclectic movie WILLY’S WONDERLAND! Before we dive into the main feature, we spend some time talking about our favourite and memorable Nicolas Cage films.  As always with our feature-specific episodes, we do get into spoilers throughout. In this particular episode we do discuss some of the gore in this R-rated film that may not be appropriate for younger listeners.


Nathan and Brian discuss the 2020 natural disaster film Greenland, starring Gerard Butler and Morena Baccarin. Although we don’t mention it in the episode, we do head into spoiler territory, so please be warned! Before tackling the film, we discuss our favourite disaster films, including the films that that we grew up with, adored and point out some of the lowest points of the genre.